Seller Representative Specialist

Seller Representative Specialist


Consider this. Any diligent real estate agent can become an accomplished buyers’ agent. A great listing agent, however, is a rare bird. As a seller, your success depends on finding one.

It’s a common mistake. Many sellers just pick the “neighborhood specialist” or default to using the agent who sold them their home. Unfortunately, this can put your most valued asset at risk.

​​​​​​​The game has changed. Today’s buyers come from anywhere and everywhere. As a seller, you must be able to capitalize on the dynamic, on-line marketplace — where buyers search for homes.


To maximize exposure for your listing, I cast a very wide net, using state-of-the art digital marketing and social media. I combine contemporary marketing with tried-and-true classic techniques that many agents neglect to use. As a branding and advertising expert, I employ compelling copy, exquisite photography and custom property websites  —  all designed to attract the largest audience. When you list your home with me, you will reach well beyond the limits of your local buyer pool. National exposure means more offers. This puts you, the seller, in the driver’s seat where you can expect the highest possible price regardless of market conditions.

It’s a global beauty contest. In this vast, digital world of homes for sale, your listing must compete at the highest possible level. I offer extensive experience in staging, design, and presale restoration. I know where to spend and how to spend — in order to achieve the best return on your investment.

Bigger is not better. My boutique business is a bespoke business. And that means targeted and luxury service for you. My focus is on quality not quantity. I give each home and seller my full attention and a customized plan and approach.


When you list with me, you will be dealing with me. Not a layered “team of experts,” or the assistant of a volume-oriented “top producer.” I am relationship-driven, not transaction-driven. I intend to exceed your expectations so that you will refer this rare bird to everyone you know!

Talk to me. The best results require communication and planning.
We will discuss market conditions, pricing, comparative sales, existing inventory, market trends, and anything that needs to be done to the property before the sale. If you need to buy another home, we will look at how, what, when, and where. Your timing and plan may require simultaneous buy/sell maneuvering  or special financing. We will address this too. I may even bring in a separate  buyer’s  agent to work by my side. I have an extensive agent referral network — for my sellers who are buying out of town or out of state.
Knock knock. Ring ring! Being an exclusive Seller Representative Specialist has one big challenge — low inventory. A successful listing professional does not sit back and wait for business. Because I have so much to offer, I come looking — literally — to serve you. On the phone and at your door. When you trust me to handle your listing, I leave no stone unturned. Everything I do... everything I say... is based on my drive to achieve the best possible price and smoothest sale for you.


Seniors Real Estate Specialist


I am a born problem solver. Some of my most creative solutions have been related to working with seniors — because they have unique and time-sensitive needs. Often seniors are deciding if, when, and how to downsize. Other times they are struggling to manage the lives and finances of aging parents. Many have a need to sell their parents’ or relatives’ homes — and even their own homes at the same time. Sometimes the circumstances they face are urgent, complex, and challenging ones. My passion for helping seniors has led me to all kinds of clients and situations — trusts, estate attorneys, sickness, sudden death, financial crisis, and even family disputes. In each case, I have calmly rolled up my sleeves to dig deep for the best solutions. I apply a hands-on approach combined with turn-key service. This results in life transitions and moves that are made seamless and stress- free for my clients. I like working with old people as much as I like working with old houses. I am sure this is why I excel at both!


Real Estate Negotiation Expert


It's not over until the fat lady sings. First... the property has to show well. The home needs to be priced right. The marketing has to be strategic. The photography has to be flawless. The launch should be timely. Yet, when all these things come together, you are only halfway home. The negotiation process begins the day your listing hits the market. It ends only when your sale has closed.

It's in my DNA. My friends and clients always say "you must have come out of the womb negotiating!" Indeed, it does come naturally to me, and I am always perfecting this skill. I have many years of experience and training, sharply honed while working in perhaps the country's most complex and high-stakes real estate market. In San Francisco I was known as a cowgirl and a maverick when it came to negotiating on behalf of my clients. 


In a nutshell, I am hard-wired to win for you - while negotiating fairly, firmly and strategically in the process. I came from a creative background which makes me good at thinking out of the box. My job is to promote and protect your interests while mitigating the risk that is inherent in any real estate transaction. When you hire me to list your home, you will always have a skillful, results-driven advocate at your side... protecting your asset and working to achieve your goals every step of the way. Because I love the art of the deal, I am so darn good at it. I would hate to leave any of your money on the table - and that's why I never do!


Historic Home Specialist

Historic Home Specialist


Old home, oh how I love thee. I don’t know of any training or certificate available to formalize the talents and passion I bring to this special niche of the real estate market. No home is too tired, too neglected, or too much work for me. For many years I have been transforming properties on value-oriented budgets to realize remarkable profits for my sellers.

When competent, reliable handymen and contractors became scarce as hen’s teeth, I decided to do something about it. I developed my own construction team to work on my listings.


Together we restored precious old gems on time and on budget with unparalleled results. Hauling, landscaping, cleaning, painting, resurfacing, refinishing, and overall upgrading - you name it, we did it.

In working with me, my sellers no longer worried about finding and coordinating suppliers, vetting their estimates or managing their projects. And my sellers’ homes were always among the most beautiful, exciting, and competitive on the market. Home after home, I achieved the reputation of having a vision and talent for selling old homes at benchmark prices.
Let’s work together and Restore for More. More beauty, more soul, more preservation. This approach to selling old homes attracts the best buyers and stewardship, while maximizing your profit and my personal satisfaction. When the job is done, who could ask for more?

Work With Barbara

When you trust me to handle your business I leave no stone unturned. Everything I do, everything I say, is based on my drive to achieve the best possible price and smoothest sale for you.